Good news/bad news time...

Good news is college is going great; I've got great classes, great people, and a great campus. I get to use a tablet PC (!), 3d scanner (!!), Wacom Cintiq (!!!!!), and Autodesk Inventor (!!!!!!!!!) as part of one of my classes. As you can see, I'm pretty excited!

Bad news is...Granddad's been rushed to the hospital, they did a CT scan, and found an inoperable brain tumor. The doctors have given him three months, so I guess I'll just be on standby and keep a couple nice clothes together. They decided not to try to do what they could because that would just be prolonging an already painful and depressing life for Granddad, and they've put him in hospice care (since they don't have the equipment needed to look after him at the house). I suppose in a way it's good, knowing his suffering will be over before the year's out...heck, last time I visited (late July), he spent most of the time asleep and said maybe...12 words? If that, the three days I was there. Thing is, I suspect once he's gone, Gran will follow soon thereafter (she already has multiple myloma that's flared back up after a couple years' remission and she's made it clear that she doesn't want to go through chemo again, she's in a wheelchair and is getting closer every day to being bedridden). I get the feeling part of what keeps her going is being there for Granddad.

So yeah, just another spin on the roller coaster of life. I think I hear thunder in the distance...

TrainFestival 2009! :D

Dad and I are taking Amtrak to Lansing, driving from there, and will be on all 3 daylong excursions (oh, and I'll be at the Friday night shoot).  Look out for a weirdo in a blue RailCamp ballcap if you're nearby.  See y'all there (maybe)!

Finally got an acct here; bear with me while I think of exciting things to do with it. :P


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