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Block Party Happenings, or, "Sir, do you wear your costume to Walgreens?"
Ah, yup. quasiskunk has a pretty good summation over here of the events of this past Wednesday, so instead of reiterating, I will simply point you guys to him.

I had my XSi, as usual, and promised to post shots:

Test shot before we went in.

Ahaha, no comparison here.

And here he is showing off his madd softball skilz by winning a pair of A.S. shades.

And that's all he got to do before he was asked to leave. What happened? Follow the link and find out, doofus.=P --> Click me!

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Thankies for the pics, Mr. Chopped Liver ;)

Quasi wasn't kidding when he said those were ugly costumes. No wonder they were embarrassed to have him there.

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