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Update on stuff
Well, college kicked my butt today (thanks, Wednesdays, for being nothing but solid classes), and I kicked my shin against a low brick wall I was trying to hop over. Why? I was too lazy to walk the additional ten feet to and from the adjacent sidewalk on my way home from my chem exam. No costumefor Saturday, unless anyone can come up with a quick and cheap idea? Preferably kid-friendly, seeing as we might have the staff's kids trick-or-treat here.

Three weeks until Thanksgiving break, which means taking the train to...


Because I was stupid when I booked back in June and completely forgot, "hey! I could take the train up to MFF and head home afterward!" Ah well, will hopefully make some nearby cons in 2010.

That's about all for now.

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(Deleted comment)
I'd say something about "great minds", but great mine ain't. xD

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