Six years... (WARNING: rampant reminiscing ahead)
This summer, it'll have been six years since I first found furry.

I remember where it happened, too. I was "camping out" in the tent, which had been set up in the movie room downstairs. I was on my old HP laptop (now long dead of a hard drive+motherboard failure), browsing Worth1000. There was an article in Popular Science, about how convincing photoshop was getting, that mentioned the site as a repository for photoshop competitions. Wouldn't you know it, there were a couple galleries of furry photomanips. A couple searches later, and I had stumbled across the artwork of Roy Pounds (steamfox on FA), Kacey Miyagami (kacey on FA), Goldfur's site The Chakat's Den, as well as some other artists whose current whereabouts I can't quite place. I was hooked.

Things stagnated for a year or so after that...high school took priority, as did all the social frustrations that came with it for me. Tenth grade, though, was a significant year for me, and would eventually come to shape a major part of who I am today (but that's a story for another entry). As I began to come around, started to make my own way in the world outside the confines of what my parents had provided for me, I began to take a more active part in the Fandom. I started following artists, and within a year I had an account on FA. A couple months later, I found someone I had known for years was also a fur. I started doodling, creating a character for myself, and out of that came Rail, my first and (thus far) only depicted character, and by and large the only that I would consider an analog for myself. It was difficult, only being able to access the Fandom from the confines of my room, but come college, the gloves were off. Fall 09 I actually drew something post-worthy. Spring 09 I started attending regular furmeets. Thanksgiving 2010 I attended my first con. And in less than two weeks, at FC, I'll have the chance to meet some of the artists I first came across.

Feels like a lifetime ago, that summer afternoon, but I remember it clear as a bell. I suppose my extended stay back home and the New Year have brought this to mind, but when the subject of my high school graduation was brought up today, and how simultaneously long and short ago that was, it really got me reminiscing. I can't help but feel like there's an air of destiny about it all, that it's all come together so nicely it's as if it was inevitable. Furry has definitely been a force for good in my life: I've made many wonderful friends and had many wonderful experiences that I would have never known even existed, were it not for our little corner of the web. True, I've made my share of mistakes, impulsive reactions, and immature blunders, but in the past six years, and especially in the last three, I've come a long way since picking through photoshops in a tent downstairs.

I believe I've rambled on for long enough now. I had no idea this was going to turn into such a massive wall of text, so I'll just conclude by saying this:

Thank you, to everyone--all the artists, all the watchers, all the friends, and everyone I've interacted with through the Fandom in the last six years--even despite all the drama generated in the intervening years, you're some of the nicest, most creative, and most influential people I've ever met. Thank you, for everything. I sincerely hope each and every one of you have as happy and prosperous a 2011 as you can.


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