Six years... (WARNING: rampant reminiscing ahead)
This summer, it'll have been six years since I first found furry.

I remember where it happened, too. I was "camping out" in the tent, which had been set up in the movie room downstairs. I was on my old HP laptop (now long dead of a hard drive+motherboard failure), browsing Worth1000. There was an article in Popular Science, about how convincing photoshop was getting, that mentioned the site as a repository for photoshop competitions. Wouldn't you know it, there were a couple galleries of furry photomanips. A couple searches later, and I had stumbled across the artwork of Roy Pounds (steamfox on FA), Kacey Miyagami (kacey on FA), Goldfur's site The Chakat's Den, as well as some other artists whose current whereabouts I can't quite place. I was hooked.

Things stagnated for a year or so after that...high school took priority, as did all the social frustrations that came with it for me. Tenth grade, though, was a significant year for me, and would eventually come to shape a major part of who I am today (but that's a story for another entry). As I began to come around, started to make my own way in the world outside the confines of what my parents had provided for me, I began to take a more active part in the Fandom. I started following artists, and within a year I had an account on FA. A couple months later, I found someone I had known for years was also a fur. I started doodling, creating a character for myself, and out of that came Rail, my first and (thus far) only depicted character, and by and large the only that I would consider an analog for myself. It was difficult, only being able to access the Fandom from the confines of my room, but come college, the gloves were off. Fall 09 I actually drew something post-worthy. Spring 09 I started attending regular furmeets. Thanksgiving 2010 I attended my first con. And in less than two weeks, at FC, I'll have the chance to meet some of the artists I first came across.

Feels like a lifetime ago, that summer afternoon, but I remember it clear as a bell. I suppose my extended stay back home and the New Year have brought this to mind, but when the subject of my high school graduation was brought up today, and how simultaneously long and short ago that was, it really got me reminiscing. I can't help but feel like there's an air of destiny about it all, that it's all come together so nicely it's as if it was inevitable. Furry has definitely been a force for good in my life: I've made many wonderful friends and had many wonderful experiences that I would have never known even existed, were it not for our little corner of the web. True, I've made my share of mistakes, impulsive reactions, and immature blunders, but in the past six years, and especially in the last three, I've come a long way since picking through photoshops in a tent downstairs.

I believe I've rambled on for long enough now. I had no idea this was going to turn into such a massive wall of text, so I'll just conclude by saying this:

Thank you, to everyone--all the artists, all the watchers, all the friends, and everyone I've interacted with through the Fandom in the last six years--even despite all the drama generated in the intervening years, you're some of the nicest, most creative, and most influential people I've ever met. Thank you, for everything. I sincerely hope each and every one of you have as happy and prosperous a 2011 as you can.

Arrgh Raargh
Been running myself ragged trying to stay on top of everything, made only worse by the career fairs and me trying to secure an internship for this coming summer. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like it's working. I guess I'll have to try again next semester, see if anyone will take me (this whole "we really only do internships for juniors and seniors" thing is kind of annoying).

Also, in the "I-leave-you-guys-alone-for-five-minutes..." category, two of my e-friends decided to go for each others' throats while I was busy giving elevator pitches to BNSF and NS, resulting in everyone else taking sides, personal information being leaked, and one leaving the site. For crying out loud, can't we all just get along? It's the internet! Don't take everything so seriously, and then carry a grudge when someone pokes fun at you.

On the upside, I'm just about set for both MFF and FC. Just gotta get plane tickets back from FC (which my friend is taking care of once prices go down), and gotta wait on the funds to migrate so I can prereg for MFF.

I dunno. I've already passed the first breaking point; with any luck I'll be able to hold off for another two weeks, get my exams out of the way before I completely snap. =P

That's about it for now. Gotta go take care of my pile-o-homework and pending-exam-crunch. Hope everyone else out there is doing better than I am...

Well, I managed to survive the first fifth of the semester. =P Classes are alright...some are better (taught) than others, but that's the luck of the draw, I auppose. With everything I've got going on this semester, I can't believe I have time to sleep! xD

Things in the department are about the same...good, and busy! We have a work trip tomorrow, so I'll be getting up bright and early to go spike mauling all day (note to self: bug spray). Should prove to be "fun".

Also working on MFF and FC arrangements (I *will* be attending both =D ), but that's not super-huge news just yet.

Lastly, I finally broke down and got a twitter. <--This is the real deal, accept no substitutes! =P

And that's about all I have to share for now. Hope everyone else is doing good!

Why can't we all just get along?
Don't mind me, just wishful thinking.
(This isn't directed at anyone in general, as this seemed to be the theme for this past week.)

In other news, I have a 3-day which I will probably do a whole lot of nothing. :P
Happy Fourth, everyone!


That is all.

Block Party Happenings, or, "Sir, do you wear your costume to Walgreens?"
Ah, yup. quasiskunk has a pretty good summation over here of the events of this past Wednesday, so instead of reiterating, I will simply point you guys to him.

I had my XSi, as usual, and promised to post shots:

Test shot before we went in.

Ahaha, no comparison here.

And here he is showing off his madd softball skilz by winning a pair of A.S. shades.

And that's all he got to do before he was asked to leave. What happened? Follow the link and find out, doofus.=P --> Click me!

Today, my Statics professor, known for being strict and stodgy (and, consequenly, not well-liked), finished lecture early. The lecture is actually two separate classes: TAM 210 and TAM 211, the only difference being that 210 ends four weeks before 211. With the time remaining in the lecture, he decided to make a pitch to the students in 210 to switch to 211. So, he pulled a piano keyboard out from behind the podium, donned a pair of shades, and began singing about "the TAM 210/TAM 211 Blues", complete with intricate piano solos. New favorite professor? Most definitely. MLIA

2 more weeks until Spring Break. Of course, there's a lot to be done in those two weeks, but for now, I think I'm just going to relax for a little bit.

1 down...
...7 to go!

Just got done with my last final, and I think I managed to keep from failing any of my classes. ^^;

Gonna be afk for a couple days but I should be back before too long. But in case I miss it, everyone have a great Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa/Solstice/Festivus/New Year/etc/etc! :D

Well I'm on a southbound odessey,
the train has left Chambana, see?
We're rolling along past houses, farms, and fields...

Update on stuff
Well, college kicked my butt today (thanks, Wednesdays, for being nothing but solid classes), and I kicked my shin against a low brick wall I was trying to hop over. Why? I was too lazy to walk the additional ten feet to and from the adjacent sidewalk on my way home from my chem exam. No costumefor Saturday, unless anyone can come up with a quick and cheap idea? Preferably kid-friendly, seeing as we might have the staff's kids trick-or-treat here.

Three weeks until Thanksgiving break, which means taking the train to...


Because I was stupid when I booked back in June and completely forgot, "hey! I could take the train up to MFF and head home afterward!" Ah well, will hopefully make some nearby cons in 2010.

That's about all for now.

I'm sorry I couldn't have come over more often.
I'm sorry I was always distracted, or wanting to "go do something fun."
I'm sorry I can't remember the stories you told me all those years ago.
I'm sorry the last few years were so painful.
I'm sorry I never appreciated the time we spent together, until it was too late.

I'm really glad you're with Randy and all them now.

Farewell, Grandpa. Hope to see you again some day...


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